The Road to Philly

Whenever any customer calls on us we’re happy, but when L. F. Driscoll calls on us I get real excited. I get excited because it mean going to Philadelphia and while I’m not really a big city kind of guy I really love Philly. Philly is easy to navigate and the overall attitude is good. NYC is a jungle, truly a jungle, whereas Philly is just city life without all the “jungle.”

So Driscoll called on me the first time back in November of 2010 while they were working on the now prestigious new art museum that house the Albert Barnes art collection. If you are not familiar with The Barnes Foundation I urge you to check it out. It is a great story of a man who had phenomenal success before and during the Great Depression. You do not have to be into art collecting to appreciate the story. So yes we did such a great job for Driscoll that two months later The Barnes Foundation called us back to the same location because they wanted to show love to the Driscoll workers and on January 20, 2011 in the middle of a horrible winter we performed an on-site pig roast at the Barnes construction site. We had a major snow storm the day before and the day after the event. But somehow by the grace of God it did not snow while I was there.

Then later in 2012 Driscoll called for me to cater a lunch for 200 people at the phase 1 project they had going at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Actually they were working under the museum and I catered the event without flaw in a huge vaulted hallway. This just drives home the fact that when I say “I have cooked just about everywhere you could imagine and then some.” Doing these kinds of catering jobs do not come without logistical challenges. The biggest challenge is getting the food there and setup on time. The workers are on a lunch break and not just hanging around. They need to eat and go back to work.

On Thursday May 25th I repeated the job at the Art Museum, Driscoll is back for phase 2 and they also had a safety meeting/lunch and they called on Have Pig Will Travel. Same location only this time we were just inside of the door at the rear of the museum. Watch the video to see the high lights of the day. It rained and the big challenge as always was the traffic.


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