Look At Him Just Sitting There Making All That Money. ( Can you lift 150+ lbs dead body?)


“There he sits doing nothing and he’s making money” or so it looks. I couldn’t even begin to count the amount of times that I have had guys come up to me and say “dude you’ve got the best job in the world” because they see me sitting in a chair doing nothing. All the while the pig is cooking away. Now most times this is a party guest who is arriving about an hour before the pig comes off the fire, but it could be a customer too.

Yeah there I sit doing nothing while the money just pours over me right… I guess he should have seen the look on my face when the alarm went off at 4:30am and the look on my face when I walked out the door at 5:00am to start loading the trailers for the two parties I have to cater for that day… and what’s this stuff pouring down from the sky, why there no way it could be rain because the weatherman said “no rain.” Or the look on my face when I send crew #1 off to their job and I’m ready to leave for my event and my assistant doesn’t show up or call and I go do the job alone. Yeah that look on my face just tells anyone “life is so good.” Let’s see I guess I should have called the customer and say “duh sorry I can come to cater your party today, it is raining and just don’t feel like working today.” First off, that would never happen because my brain isn’t wired that way, I wouldn’t think of it and failure is not an option. In 20 years I have never ever once cancelled a job I was hired to do.

So that sitting and relaxing that the customer or guests see me or my crew doing while the pig is cooking is just a little break from the action. Now I know most people are smart enough to figure that all out, but not all. This crazy little business actually takes a lot of little skills and you have to put them all together. Can you talk on the phone with people in a proper manner? Can you cut firewood? Can you fix trailer brakes? Can you deal with the health department, IRS, state fire inspectors, insurance agents, event promoters, and wedding planners ect…? Can you calm a panicking customer because it is raining? Can you lift 150+ lbs dead body? Can you fix a walk-in refrigerator? Can you come up with your own recipes? Can you fix a chainsaw? Can you laugh at a joke you have heard over 10,000 times and it wasn’t funny the first time? Can you prepare your own taxes? Do you know how to use QuickBooks? Can you properly type and send an email? Can you drive a truck & trailer through midtown Manhattan? Can you fix a flat tire without taking the wheel of the vehicle? Can you put out a fire? Can you run your own website? Can you properly use social media? Can you take good photos with something other than an iPhone? Can you cook? Can you cook a pig?

These are just a few of the skills that you must be able to do to run this business unless you want to pay someone else to do it. So yes I need a break sometimes and I’ll sit down lol.

I knew going into this whole gig “I’m not coming out a millionaire.” I just needed to pay the bills because I was laid off from a job. Then it grew into something… I don’t know what, but it grew into something and 1000 pigs later I can’t stop it. We have a long list of regular and returning customers and most all weekends have been filled for years. My thoughts were always “if you’re going to do something and get paid for it you have to do it right.” Otherwise you look like a jerk.



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