First blog post


Munn and a very happy customer. Cooking on the waterfront.

Ok so here I am starting off my 20th cooking season and I thought it appropriate to start up a blog for my catering business. I’ll warn you upfront I am the world’s worst blogger even though I am not a newcomer to the blogging scene. For several years I have run a blog to support my photography business and website. I will try to keep this blog free of click-bait and not clutter up the pages with advertisements… well at least not too many advertisements lol.

So what all kinds of content will appear here on these blog pages? Ok, so first let me say today I have also started up a Youtube channel to support my catering business and website. Not that they really need it, but I thought it would be nice to take “Have Pig Will Travel” onward and into the new era (so to speak) of blogging & vlogging. I’m 20 years down the road with this hand basket, I never ever set out to be a “BBQ guy” it was forced upon me due to being laid off from a middle management job as shipping manager for a small company. I had virtually no money and long story short I bought Have Pig Will Travel with money borrowed from a friend. So after twenty years I think I have learned a few things about a lot of things… people being one, outdoor cooking being another and just life in general. So I guess what I am trying to say is… the content that will appear here will be mixed and not just all about BBQ. BBQ is boring, sure it tastes delicious, but it is so simple a kid can do it (my opinion after 20 years lol). The content will certainly be stories of the places I have been to and the people I have met. Along with the food I find that other people cook as well as products I find and just all those little things I see along the way.

So please subscribe to this blog and also head over and subscribe to the new Youtube channel.


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